Snow Plowing

Snow Plowing

The primary objective of snow plowing is to open roadways for traffic. 

Please move your car off the street so that snowplows can effectively and safely remove snow from the roadway. 

shovelWhen shoveling out your driveway, shovel out a pocket on the side of the driveway nearest to approaching traffic. The accumulated snow on the passing plow will fill the pocket instead of the entrance to your driveway. 

Please note that the DPW will continue plowing during the entire snowstorm and after until the streets are cleared to the edge of the roadway. This is essential in order that emergency vehicles can pass and we can prepare for any additional snowfall. You may have to re-open the end of your driveway more than once. When clearing your sidewalks and driveways, do not throw snow into the middle of the street. This hinders plowing and impedes the safe flow of traffic.

Reminder sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice within 12 hours of daylight