Staff & Trustee


The Board of Trustees manages the business of the Library Association.

Board members are residents of the borough, chosen from among the members of the Library Association. They serve without compensation.

Officers are elected and committee members are chosen from within the board.


  • Ken Kretsch, President
  • Kathleen Sita, Vice President
  • Deborah Greenfield, Secretary
  • Carolyn Newcomb, Treasurer
  • Kathleen Accorsi
  • Teri Bausenwein
  • Valerie Sapienza

Borough Council Liaison - Library

Library Staff

  • Barbara Sacco, Library Manager
  • Constance Carnevale, Library Assistant
  • Alicia Douglas, Library Assistant
  • Carissa Sommers, Page

Department Supervisor:

  • Janice Grasso