Firearms Applicant Registration System (FARS) - Instructions for Applicants

*Effective March 31, 2021 - All permits and Firearm ID cards will be sent electronically from the State Police once your application / approval is processed.

  1. Log on to: The New Jersey State Police Firearms Application and Registration System website.
  2. Enter the Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) Number for the Eatontown Police Department: NJ0131100
  3. Complete the online application (Firearm Change of Address, Initial Firearm Identification Card and / or E-Permits)

A Few Things to Remember

  • Payment is not required until your application has been processed.
  • The final step in the application process will be an email from prompting you to pay online. $50 Initial Firearm Card / Permits $25 each
  • Firearm ID Cards are sent electronically via the State Police FARS application portal. You will be provided a link to download/screenshot/print your card. All are accepted at licensed gun shops.
  • E-Permits are issued in real-time. Once you receive the "approval" email through the FARS system, your permit is "active" and can be utilized immediately at your local gun shop. Permits that are not executed within 90 days are automatically renewed. Applicants must reapply if the permit is not executed within 180 days.
  • Fingerprinting is performed under contract with IdentoGo by MorphoTrust via the State Police Firearm Registration Application Portal.

Please email Firearm-related questions or concerns to us or call 732-389-1776.