Borough Clerk / Registrar

Statutory Duties

The Municipal Clerk holds one of the most important and exacting positions in municipal government. In 1985, the New Jersey State Legislature enacted a law establishing the Municipal Clerk as a Statutory and State Certified position. The role of the Municipal Clerk is incredibly diverse, and a place where the paths of the public, local officials, and government agencies of every level intersect. The Municipal Clerk has five core, all-encompassing duties pursuant to statute:

1. Secretary of the Municipal Corporation -  This includes Acting as the custodian of the municipal seal, the custodian of records, the chief attester to the municipal officer, and the party responsible for legal service unto the municipality.

2. Secretary to the Governing Body - This includes Preparation of all meeting agenda, drafting the annual Re-Organization Meeting agenda, keeping members of the governing body apprised of rules and regulations, keeping an official record of all met proceedings, administer oaths of office, and act as the liaison to the public on behalf of the governing body.

3. Chief Administrative Officer of Elections - This includes Certifying vacancies in local office, accepting and exercising quasi-judicial authority over nominating petitions, suggesting polling places to the County and Attorney General, and maintaining elections results.

4. Chief Registrar of Voters - This includes: Ensuring that all interested individuals wishing to vote can register and take part in the free and fair election process.

5. Administrative Officer of Certification - This includes Accepting applications for licenses, issuing assessment search certificates, serve as the information officer for the public and media, certify municipal bonds, and maintain personnel records.

Other Duties

In addition to the Core Duties, the Municipal Clerk accepts requests for government records (OPRA), applications for citizen leadership, massage/spa licenses, boarding houses, cannabis establishments, garage/yard sale permits, and landlord/tenant registrations. The Clerk's Office also issues licenses for dogs, food establishments, pools and restaurants in conjunction with the Board of Health, issues licenses for legalized games (Raffles and Bingos) jointly with the State Attorney General, and issues Alcoholic Beverage licenses. All of which can be found under "Forms