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Beautify Eatontown

Beautify Eatontown

prideBeautify Eatontown, Formerly Pride in Eatontown Committee

After almost forty years of service, the Pride in Eatontown Committee (PIE) has become a dynamic force in improving the town’s appearance.  Now, well into the 21st century, committee members have recognized the importance of updating the group’s name, making its mission clear to the public.

We petitioned the mayor and borough council to allow the committee to adopt a new name — “Beautify Eatontown” — which was approved in May of 2017.

To accomplish our major goal of improving Eatontown’s appearance, we have two distinct tasks: reducing litter and planting gardens in public areas.

pride3The Pride in Eatontown Committee, now Beautify Eatontown, has been recognized for our highly successful Spring Cleanup. In 2013 the committee was recognized by the NJ Clean Communities Council and awarded a plaque for our cleanup efforts.  That year about 140 residents joined us for the Cleanup. The following year we had 190 participants. Our efforts continue to reduce litter in our high-traffic town which hosts many pass-through motorists.

pride4In addition to the borough-wide cleanup, committee members organize mini-cleanups throughout the year targeting trouble spots that seem to be trash magnets.

The planters on Main Street as well as the planters in the borough owned pride2West Lot are maintained by committee members.  Members can be seen all through the hottest days of summer weeding and watering these mini-gardens.

We have expanded and maintained flower gardens throughout the community, including the triangular garden on Grant Avenue, the welcome sign at the intersection of Hope and Wycoff Roads and the gardens at Wampum Park.  The “Butterfly Garden” is evolving at Wampum.

We took over the long-neglected garden in front of the Public Library, turning it into one of the most admired spaces in town.  Decorative plantings in front of Borough Hall are largely the efforts of our members and friends, as is the plot in front of the Arboretum.

We have begun a program of plant-based holiday displays in public areas, brightening up the town.

Each spring, we donate packets of marigold seeds to every fourth grader pride1in the Eatontown school system to encourage interest in the environment.

If you have an interest in gardening or just sprucing up Eatontown, we have a place for you on the Beautify Eatontown committee.  No special skills needed.  Membership is open to any borough resident and is formalized by appointment by the Mayor.  Beautify Eatontown meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Borough Hall.  Meetings are always open to the public.

Contact Council Liaison, Everett Lucas, with any specific questions.

To volunteer for the committee please download and fill out the Citizen Leadership form and contact the Borough Clerk at 732-389-7601.


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