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November is Amnesty Month at the Eatontown Public Library.

November is Amnesty Month at the Eatontown Public Library.

If you have books, DVD’s, CD’s, audio books, etc., please return them to us and the Eatontown Public Library will cancel the fines on those items.

The library will be offering fine amnesty for all materials that have been checked out and have not yet been returned and are overdue. These materials are accruing fines daily. The fines must be 6 months or older to be cancelled.

If you have already returned all your items but still have an outstanding fine because they were returned late, we will cancel your fine in our amnesty month which will be NOVEMBER 2015. Fines must be over $10.00 to have them cancelled. You have 30 days to take advantage of this offer, so don’t wait come in and see us.

Our goal is to recover library materials that are missing from our collection. Please make other patron’s visits to the library an enjoyable one and return overdue materials.

This offer only pertains to fines accrued at the Eatontown Public Library and no other library.