Eatontown's AKC Fit Dog Club

In coordination with the American Kennel Club and local dog club, Eatontown Recreation is now a registered American Kennel Club (AKC), Fit Dog Club!

Visit our registration site often for opportunities to participate in a variety of activities with your dog to promote fitness in a fun environment, meet other dog owners and earn American Kennel Club Fit Dog titles. 

What are the benefits for you and your dog?
1) Improve you and your dog's fitness
2) Meet other dog owners in a safe, fun environment
3) A portion of the activities take place in local Eatontown parks, you will tour the parks and trails
4) Earn official American Kennel Club Titles for you and your dog

Some programs/events are free while others require a fee to participate. You can choose to participate in as many or as little of the club as you would like. To qualify for AKC Fitness Titles you are required to complete activities to receive points which varies based on the title level.

Click on the below levels to review the checklists for each title level:
Bronze – 5 Points            Silver – 10 Points            Gold – 20Points

Once you collect the total points required for the title you are pursuing, complete the checklist form (above) and submit to AKC with a fee for a title to be mailed back directly to you.