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Youth Committee

Youth Committee

Created in 1983, the purpose of the Eatontown Youth Committee is to encourage youth participation in constructive community activities and programs.

The Eatontown Youth Committee is open to Eatontown students ranging from 7th to 12th grade. It is supervised by adult advisors and the Director of Recreation & Community Services. Any student in grades 7 – 12 is encouraged to become a member of the committee.

During the year, community service events our members participate in include: Eatontown Clean Up, Game & Dessert Night at Meadowbrook Senior Housing Authority, Valentine’s Day Greetings (created and distributed to Jersey Shore Genesis residents) and Fun Day Picnic at Wolcott Park in June.

All meetings are held at the Eatontown Community Center 72 Broad Street at 6:30PM unless otherwise noted. Anyone interested in attending a meeting or seeking to volunteer on the Committee please contact the Recreation and Community Services Director Janice Grasso, at 732-389-7607.

For up to date information on Events and Opportunities, visit Recreation’s Website and Facebook pages.

Current Adult Advisors

Janice M. Grasso, Recreation & Community Services Director
Debra De Caro Robinson  
Teresa Rolke  
Ricky Voss  
Aaron Shaw  
Theresa Forbes