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Shade Tree

Shade Tree Commission

The Eatontown Shade Tree Commission holds regular meetings at 7:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month in the Borough Council Chamber located on the second floor of Borough Hall. All residents are invited to attend any meeting.

TREE REMOVAL OR PRUNE REQUEST Form (please click here)

Anyone seeking to volunteer on the committee please download and fill out the Citizen Leadership form and contact the Borough Clerk at 732 389-7601.



  • Bob Wolf, Chairperson
  • Michael Ferrero, Vice Chairpersonclip_shadeTree01
  • Candace Faust, Secretary
  • Keith Ferrugia, STC Specialist
  • Sondra Thompson
  • David Corcione
  • Eileen Cooper
  • David Caffyn, alt
  • Mirela Negotia, alt
  • Councilman Al Baginsky, Council Liasion