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Property Assessment Inspections

Property Assessment Inspections

Borough of Eatontown 2019 20% Inspections

 The Borough of Eatontown is under contract with Realty Data Systems (RDS) to perform an exterior and interior inspection of all properties for the Assessor’s records.  This program requires a 5-year inspection cycle and will require that all properties are inspected once during this cycle.  If your property is scheduled to be inspected over the coming weeks, there will not be further notice prior to your inspection.  If you are not home during their visit, the exterior inspection will continue and instructions will be left for rescheduling an interior inspection.  If the company does not gain access to your property, my office may be forced to estimate all interior information.  Please be advised this may result in an error on your property record card.  The municipal website contains detailed information about the inspection process.

The inspection routes are predetermined, but RDS will do their best to accommodate residents.  Please be aware the inspectors will make a maximum of (2) visits.  The RDS personnel will carry identification.  Our office and Police Department possess all inspector background information, NJDL#, and automobile characteristics.

If you would like to refuse the inspection, please visit, click APPOINTMENTS to select the refusal form.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

To see if you are included in the 20% for 2019 please click on the link below:

2019 20% inspections

TEL: 732.719.2265