Eatontown Police | 47 Broad Street Eatontown, NJ 07724 | Non Emergency (732) 542-0100

Phone and Email List

                                       Department Roster

Chief William P. Lucia III 732-389-7631 Chief of Police
Det. Lieutenant Theresa Healy 732-389-7643 Investigations Division
Lieutenant Troy Fowlkes  732-389-7640 Operations Division
Lieutenant Anthony Guido 732-389-7641 Services Division

Unless otherwise listed, all personnel have a voice mailbox that can be reached by calling 732-542-0100, option #4.


Sergeant Edward Nelson    
Sergeant Antonio Amodio    
Sergeant Bryan Mulholland    
Det. Sergeant Aaron Shaw 732-389-7649 Detective Bureau
Sergeant Drew Clancy    
Sergeant Matthew Williams 732-389-7642 Services Division


Detective Bureau

Detective Brett Paulus 732-389-7645  
Detective Jason Cardamoni 732-389-7629 Juvenile Bureau
Detective Christopher Casson 732-389-7637  
Patrolman Jorge Gonzalez 732-389-7628  


Patrol Division

Patrolman Ryan Braswell    
Patrolman Arthur Ehrmantraut    
Patrolman Ryan Hennelly 732-389-7638 Comm. Service / L.E.A.D.
Patrolman John Gugliuzza    
Patrolman Matthew Bailey    
Patrolman Christopher Bartlett 732-389-7830  Traffic Safety Bureau
Patrol Officer Jessica Veritas    
Patrolman Sean Murphy    
Patrolman Matthew Fix    
Patrolman Chris Quackenbush    
Patrolman Kenneth Errickson    
Patrolman Michael Schmerler    
Patrolman James Christie    
Patrolman Joshua Koval    
Patrolman Michael Sullivan    
Patrolman Kevin Licknack    
Patrolman Andrew Auerbach    
Patrolman Edward Kirschenbaum    
Patrolman Christopher Rossi    
Patrolman Matthew Schou     
Patrolman Eric Krozser    
Patrolman Craig Sweeney    
SLEO II Ryan Spahr    
SLEO II Zachary Del Vento    



Dispatcher Kathleen Lavene    
S/O I Michael Johnson    
Dispatcher June Donnelly    
Dispatcher Doreen Erndl    



SLEO I James Rolly 732-389-7636 Records Officer
Laura-Lea Fellows  732-389-7635 Records Clerk


Administrative Assistants



Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police

Danielle Gianfrancesco


Investigations Division  Secretary