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Information Technology

Information Technology

The Services Division of the Eatontown Police Department encompasses the Communications Center, Records Bureau, Property Management, Community Service and accreditation, as well the computer network and all other systems related to computer or communications technology.

The Division is under the command of Lt. Anthony Guido.

Computer Systems-The Eatontown Police Department is currently operating four servers to support our local area network, 15 digital mobile video systems, 2 interview room digital video systems,  3 automated license plate reader systems,  12 mobile computers, 26 work stations and 4 networked printers. 

The network supports our ENFORSYS Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management system. The system also supports other networked resources used by the department; such as our digital photography library, evidence management and scheduling software. 

The department utilizes Datalux computers in our patrol cars running InterAct MobileCop software with Verizon Wireless broadband modems to access NCIC, DMV and our department Intranet. Our ENFORSYS Mobile Commander software is also installed in the laptops. Using this program  our reports are transferred directly to the in-house network, keeping our officers on the road instead of coming into headquarters every time they have to do a report. Officers are also able to access the Records Management Database and retrieve information about locations, people, hazards, previously filed reports, and many other pieces of information to help them perform their duties safely and efficiently.

Fingerprint Machine- The Borough of Eatontown Police Department utilizes the latest version of the MorphoTrak Automated Fingerprint scanner. The scanner is connected directly to the New Jersey State Police fingerprint database in Trenton.  Fingerprint inquiries and submissions can be made directly to the state database without using hand-rolled fingerprint cards. The device is also networked to the Enforsys records management system, allowing information to be imported directly from an arrest report to the fingerprint machine database, speeding up the arrest process and allowing officers to return to the field quickly.