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Police Officers:

The Borough of Eatontown Police Department is committed to hiring only the most qualified and capable candidates for the position of police officer. In that pursuit, all members should encourage qualified individuals to apply for the police service with this Department. 

Applications for employment as a police officer will be issued by the Eatontown Police Department in accordance with General Order #07-ch31-01.

With the approval of the Mayor and Council based on recommendations submitted by the Chief of Police, the Eatontown Police Department will advertise that it is seeking applicants for police officer position(s).  The public announcement by the Department will set a date when and where prospective applicants may acquire application forms.  It will also specify a date by which time the application is to be returned to this agency. 


The Eatontown Police Department is not accepting applications at this time.


Applicant Requirements:

All applicants, in addition to statutory requirements, must satisfy the following prerequisites to receive consideration for appointment:

a. Must be named on the current police officers eligibility list for non-civil service municipalities issued by the Monmouth County Police Academy, or  

b. Must be certified by the New Jersey Police Training Commission as having satisfactorily completed the basic course for police officers. This certification must be valid at the time of application, and 

c. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree, signifying completion of the undergraduate curriculum and graduation from an accredited college or university.  

d. Must be over 18 and less than 35 years of age at the time of appointment;  

e. Must possess a valid New Jersey driver's license at the time of appointment.

f. Only citizens of the united states are eligible for appointment to the Eatontown Police Department.

                                                                                    Disqualification Information  



Any potential candidate or applicant possessing one or more of the following will not be eligible to participate in the application or selection process:

a. If you were ever convicted of an indictable offense or are presently under an indictable conviction expungement;
A conviction of any offense involving domestic violence;
A conviction of any offense involving a "controlled dangerous substance";
A conviction of any offense involving public office, position or employment (i.e., school board, township committee, etc.);
If you were adjudicated by a court or found by an employer to have violated any person's civil rights in this state or any other state;
If you are currently on probation or have ever been on probation at any time within the last 12 months in this state or any other state;

If you participated in a program of supervisory treatment or pretrial intervention for an indictable offense under n.j.s.a. 2c:43-12 or an out-of state equivalent;
If you have been convicted of driving while intoxicated two times or once within five years in this state or any other state;
If your driving privilege is currently revoked or suspended in new jersey or in any other state;
If you were dishonorably discharged from any branch of military service or law enforcement agency;
If you have ever renounced your united states citizenship;
If you are currently subject to a final domestic violence restraining order;
If you were ever terminated or asked to resign from a public office, position, or government employment for misconduct involving such public office, position, or employment;
If you have used marijuana or hashish within the past three years;
If you have possessed or used any other illegal drug or drugs other than those prescribed or provided by a physician or purchased over the counter including the use of anabolic steroids within the past ten (10) years;
If you have ever sold, or given an illegal drug to another person in your life;
If you have ever manufactured an illegal drug at any time in your life.  

r.  If you have any tattoos or brands that would be visible while wearing a police uniform or civilian clothing while conducting police business. Visible areas include, but are not limited to, hands, neck, arms, hands/fingers, legs and feet.  This policy also applies to Special Law Enforcement Officer (SLEO) candidates and prospective civilian employees. The wearing or display of body piercing jewelry is also prohibited while on duty. This includes but is not limited to ear, nose, eyebrow, navel and tongue piercing.



Only those candidates meeting this criteria will be deemed eligible for participation in the Department's selection process. The Chief of Police, based upon the hiring needs of the Department, shall determine the number of candidates invited to participate in the selection process. Preference for eligibility based upon either of the first two qualifications mentioned shall also be determined by the Chief of Police, based upon the hiring needs of the Department. Applications for employment will be issued by the Eatontown Police Department only upon determination that the Borough of Eatontown is anticipating hiring one or more police officers.

Public announcements regarding the availability of applications will be made. All candidates not possessing New Jersey police training commission certification are responsible to ascertain the date and time of the examination for non-civil service municipalities through the Monmouth County Police Academy.

Monmouth County Police Academy
2000 Kozloski Road

Freehold, New Jersey 07728