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All Firearms Permits are processed through the Eatontown Police Department Detective Bureau.

There are 2 forms to be submitted: (Available through the instructions links on this webpage):

Firearms Application Form, Mental Health Search Form.

Initial Firearms ID Card Application: Submit the following fees along with your completed forms:(click here to download instructions)

Fingerprinting is performed under contract with IdentoGo by MorphoTrust (

Applicants must obtain the necessary IdentoGo fingerprint application form from the Detective Bureau. The form will contain detailed instructions on the fingerprinting process. The IdentoGo fingerprint facility will not process your fingerprints without this form.

A $52.70 fee will apply, and will be paid directly to IdentoGo by the applicant.

Applicants are responsible to fill out all forms completely and accurately. Incorrect or missing information on any of the required applications will delay the application process

$5.00 fee for Firearms I.D. card. This fee can be cash or check made payable to the “Borough of Eatontown”.

$2.00 fee for each handgun permit. This fee can be cash or check made payable to the “Borough of Eatontown”.

You will be notified by mail when your paperwork is completed. You must pick up your ID Card / Handgun Permits in person.

Duplicate Firearms ID Card: (click here to download instructions) A duplicate Firearms ID card will be issued by this department for the following reasons:

  1. Lost or Stolen ID Card
  2. Mutilated ID Card (must surrender old card)
  3. Change of address or sex on ID Card (must surrender old card)
  4. Change of name on ID Card (must surrender old card)

Additional Handgun Permits: (click here to download instructions)Indicate the number of permits you are applying for on the top of your application. Each handgun permit is $2.00. Your permit will take approximately three weeks to issue. Firearms / Handgun permits must be picked up in person.