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Code Red

Emergency Notification

“Code Red” Emergency Notification System

The Borough of Eatontown is a little bit safer, thanks to our emergency notification system. The computer based high-speed telephone calling system is used by the Police Department to notify residents and businesses of critical situations such as; evacuations, criminal activity, missing children, long-term water outages, etc. It is also used in partnership with the Eatontown Board of Education to keep residents apprised of school closings and other emergency information related to the school system.

The system, known as “Code Red”, is an internet based mass calling communications company with large banks of telephone lines containing a listing of phone numbers in the Borough of Eatontown based on a database supplied by the company. If you have an unlisted phone number and you want to be included in the emergency notification database, you can access the Code Red website with any internet connection. Residents without internet access or questions about the system can contact the on-duty police dispatcher at 732-389-7626. The dispatcher will be able to assist you in registering, but please remember that emergency telephone calls take precedence.

The Police Department realizes that not every database is 100% accurate. Nobody should automatically assume his or her phone number is included. we are encouraging all residents and businesses of the Borough of Eatontown requesting emergency notifications to access the CodeRed website. Click here and add the information requested. If your number is already in the database, we will be notified of a duplicate entry which will be handled internally by us.

All residents requesting their number be “removed” from the system must make their request in writing by downloading this form and sending it to the following address.

Eatontown Police Department

47 Broad Street

Eatontown, NJ 07724

Attn: Services Division

The emergency notification system is capable of dialing up to 60,000 telephone numbers an hour. Residents can identify calls from this system with the beginning phrase such as “this is a message from the Eatontown Police Department emergency notification system”. The system is able to track which phone numbers it has reached, when someone hangs up, when an answering machine answers and how many attempts were made. If the system is hung up on, it will not call you back. If the system detects an answering machine, it will leave the same message that would be transmitted if you had been talking “live”. If you do not possess an answering machine and nobody answers the phone, the system will re-call your number two more times. If nobody answers, no more notifications will be attempted.

Dependent upon the emergency notification type, please do not call the Police Department for further information unless you have vital information to provide. the emergency notification message will provide information for you to access updates on the situation. This may include television or radio announcements, phone numbers or internet access.

Click here to enter your emergency notification information.