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Helicopter Landings at Eatontown Schools

Helicopter Landings at Eatontown Schools

The Eatontown Schools, in cooperation with the Eatontown Police Department, will be conducting their annual 6th grade L.E.A.D. (Law Enforcement Against Drugs, formerly D.A.R.E.) graduations and barbeques.

As part of the graduation celebrations, the New Jersey Air National Guard Drug Interdiction Task Force will be providing a helicopter as part of a static display for the graduates.

The helicopter landings will take place at the schools, weather permitting, at approximately noon on each event day, which are scheduled as follows:

Friday, May 20th at Meadowbrook School

Friday, May 27th at Woodmere School

Friday, June 10th at Vetter School

The Eatontown Fire Department will be assisting with the helicopter landings and departures.

Residents are asked not to approach the schools while these events are taking place, or to call police headquarters to make inquiries about low-flying helicopters in the area.