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Eatontown Department of Public Works

Frank Cannella, Jr. , Director


250 Pine Brook Road

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Green Grounds Policy Click Here

Household Trash Collection

West Side of Route 35 East Side of Route 35
Monday & Thursday Tuesday & Friday


Residents should place normal household trash (except recyclables, bulk trash and hazardous waste) at the curb. Household trash must be at the curb by 6:00 a.m. the morning of pickup or the evening before your regularly scheduled pickup day.

Holiday Trash Collection

No trash will be collected when your regular pick up falls on New Year's, Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. No other holidays will affect your regularly scheduled trash collection.

Curbside Recycling

West Side of Route 35 East Side of Route 35
1st and 3rd
of each month
2nd and 4th
of each month

Mandated Recyclables

* Bottles , Cans, Plastics - Examples: Aluminum cans, tin & bi-metal cans, glass bottles & jars, and plastic "pourable containers". These items can be commingled and placed into a proper recycling container.

* Newspaper and Inserts - Paper may be bundled and securely tied or placed in an appropriate recycling container. Do not include paper used for dog waste or household projects.

* Corrugated Cardboard - Waffle section between layers- cardboard may be bundled securely or placed in an appropriate container. Do not include food contaminated or waxed cardboard.

* Mixed Paper -  Includes: Letterhead, colored and white paper, junk mail, soft cover books, chipborad(eg. cereal boxes),. Items should be placed in an appropriate recycling container. Do Not include paper products used for food or personal hygiene.


There is no pick up on the 5th Wednesday of any month.


Recycling Center 131 Lewis Street is open Monday- Friday 7am - 3pm and the third Saturday of each month 8am - 12pm. Closed on holidays.

Bulk Trash Schedule for 2015

West Side of Route 35 East Side of Route 35
April 20-24 May 18-22
June 15-19 July 20-24
Aug. 17-21 Sept. 21-25


Residents may dispose of bulk trash, e.g., furniture, white goods, small wood (3-ft long or smaller - but not larger in diameter than 3-4 inches) or any other item that is too large for regular household trash collection. If you require a bulk trash pickup at another time during the year, please call DPW to make arrangements. Glass ( windows,doors, tables) placed to the curb for pick-up must be extensively taped to prevent shattering.

Household Hazardous Waste Material

These materials should be taken to the Monmouth County Recycling Center. To make an appointment or for information call 732-683-8686 x5210 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. The site is located on Shafto Rd. in Tinton Falls. Materials accepted are motor oil, antifreeze, gasoline, pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, paints, solvents, thinners, varnishes, pool chemicals, propane barbecue tanks, and cleaners. All materials must be in marked containers with original labels.


* Residential Latex Paint is NOT Hazardous Waste. Please dry out cans and dispose with your regular household
   trash collection. DO NOT dispose of cans where the paint is not dried.

* Batteries- Monmouth County has advised municipalities that household batteries such as

Carbon-zinc and Alkaline (AAA, AA, A,C,D,and 9-Volt) should now be disposed of with regular household trash. The Borough will not accept batteries as of October 2, 2009.

* Fluorescent tube lighting will no longer be collected with bulk trash and/or at the recycling center. Contact a local Home Improvement Storesuch as Lowes or Home Depot for recycling information.

* Medical Waste- DPW does not collect or handle any type of medical waste. items such as needles and/or syringes should be taken to a local hospital. DO NOT place these items in plastic soda bottles with your recyclables or trash. 

Computer/Electronics Recycling Procedures

Please download and read this PDF

Leaf Collection

The first week of March begins Spring leaf pick up. The first week of October begins Fall leaf pick up. During Fall pick up, leaves will be collected as long as weather permits. Leaves may be bagged, but only placed in biodegradable bags that can be purchased at any lawn and garden center. Please do not rake brush and leaves together.

Snow Plowing

The primary objective of snow plowing is to open roadways for traffic. PLEASE MOVE YOUR CAR OFF THE STREET in order that snowplows can effectively remove snow from the roadway. When shoveling out your driveway, shovel out a pocket on the side of the driveway nearest to approaching traffic. The accumulated snow on the passing plow will fill the pocket instead of the entrance to your driveway. Please note that the DPW will continue plowing during the entire snowstorm and after until the streets are cleared to the edge of the roadway. This is essential in order that emergency vehicles can pass and we can prepare for any additional snowfall. You may have to re-open the end of your driveway more than once. When clearing your sidewalks, please do not throw snow into the middle of the street. This hinders plowing and impedes the safe flow of traffic.

Free Compost/Mulch Available

For the convenience of residents, sample compost/mulch sheds are located at Memorial School, Meadowbrook School and Woodmere School. If more is needed, residents may contact the office of DPW to request delivery of a larger supply for a small fee.